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Body Glow-In-The-Dark Paint - 100ml

Body Glow-in-the-dark Paint glows a pale green when "charged" under sunlight, UV light or normal room lighting. It is best used when UV light is not available as it is only available in one colour and does not shine particularly brightly or in vivid colours. However, when used in a darkened environment, it can look amazing!



Body paint, suitable for painting on skin & clothing, as well as other surfaces.

Washes off skin with warm soapy water. The paint may leave colour stains on clothing or other surfaces.

Paint gets charged under sunlight, standard household lighting or UV lights and can glow for hours after dark if suitably charged.

The body glow paint looks off-white in daylight and shines green in the dark.

High quality non-toxic paint.

Made in South Africa.