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Compact Fluorescent UV Blacklight Blue 25w bulb


20W (equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb)

UV Ultraviolet Blacklight

Low Energy CFL Power Saving Stick Light Bulb

Bayonette Cap (B22) with complimentary Edison Screw-in converter (E27)

Approximately 175mm high by 54mm wide



This is a low energy compact fluorescents lamp or CFL with a difference. It has special internal coating to produce deep purple light and large amounts of UV light. The purple glow of a black light is not the UV light itself, which is invisible, but visible light which escapes being filtered out by the filter material in the glass envelope. By using the same technology as a fluorescent tube to generate light outputs but with a significantly lower power requirement running costs are reduced and life expectancy increased.


These bulbs emit UVA, the long-wave type ultraviolet light, and are intended for use in special situations. This can be simply for lighting effects, such as in discos, theatres, clubs etc. The invisible UV light is reflected back in the visible spectrum by fluorescent materials and dyes e.g. white clothes glow brightly in the dark, fluorescent posters illuminate, fluorescent paints light up. Also useful for curing applications of pigments, inks, adhesives, varnishes, coatings and gels.


Other uses of UV light is in authentication, e.g. security markings on currency and credit cards, certificates of authenticity on software packaging, as well as special inks used by security marking pens; non-destructive testing of materials and reading of otherwise illegible papyri and ancient manuscripts; analysing minerals and gems, and other detective work including authentication of various collectibles - materials may look the same under visible light, but fluoresce to different degrees under ultraviolet light.


UV light can be used for alternative illumination of subjects of photography, as many plants, seeds, fruits, and especially flowers appear different, as they would to some insects, birds, and reptiles that can see near-ultraviolet light. Entomologist use UV light for attracting and collecting insects.


Reptiles need long wave UV light for de novo synthesis of vitamin D needed to metabolize calcium for bone and egg production. This is usually combined with the provision of heat for basking by another lamp in their enclosure or vivarium.


UV also has many uses in medicine and related fields both in distinguishing fluorescent conditions and in locating the precise boundaries of the condition; killing unwanted microorganisms; wastewater treatment applications; sterilizing microbiological contaminants from irradiated surfaces; break down of grease in air extraction and purification systems.


In forensics black lights are required to observe fluorescence of substances and are used as an investigative tool at crime scene to locate and identifying body fluids and changes brought on by decomposition.