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Glow Sticks / Bracelets (pack of 50)

Glow sticks are 5mm in diameter and 200mm (20cm) long. Glowsticks are also known as glow bracelets or glow bangles. They come in packs of 50 and we supply packs of assorted or individual colours colours. The pack includes bangle adaptors so you can link the stick around your wrist, or link a few to make a glow necklace.


The glowsticks last 2 – 3 hours under high use conditions (lots of waving around!) and up to 12 hours if left lying still.


The glowsticks are made of plastic, with a non-toxic liquid inside the stick. Our glow sticks are popular with all ages from kiddies birthday parties, to trance parties, to 50-something parties!