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Lumo UV Body Paint Pack

Lumo Body Paint is what you need for a lumo party (also called a neon party, UV party or glow-in-the-dark party). When applied to your skin or clothing, and under ultra-violet light, it will glow while everything else around you that is not luminescent or neon, will stay dark!


This UV body paint comes in a pack of four 30ml containers. One each of red, white, yellow and green. Apply the paint to your skin by fingertip. Paint washes off skin with water but may leave stains on clothing or other surfaces. Usually a warm, soapy wash will remove all paint. The paint is non-toxic. A single pack is general suitable for moderate usage (a few dots and stripes) for about 30 people. The paint glows or shines under UV light only and does not glow in the dark (see our glow-in-the-dark paint which can be used when UV light is not available